Friday, 25 May 2018

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Who can make a Child Benefit Claim ?

Child benefit is a tax-free benefit paid to the majority of people with. You can make a Child Benefit claim no matter how much money you have coming in. You do need to be making national insurance contributions to receive Child Benefit

If you are responsible for a child under 16 or a young person under 20 in full time education, you should be entitled Child Benefit. For the latter you can normally start to claim for Child Benefit once the young person has been accepted onto the course. This means that most parents are entitled to Child Benefit, but you can also get it if you are bringing up a child and you are not the biological parent. If you are fostering you cannot usually get Child Benefit. You get Child Benefit for each child you are responsible for. To be eligible for Child Benefit, yourself and your child would normally have to be residing in the UK. If the child is in local authority care or in prison it is unlikely that you will be entitled to Child Benefit.

It may be possible to receive Child Benefit even if the child doesn’t live with you. If they do live with someone else there are three situations where you can still claim Child Benefit. 1) If the person bringing up the child is not claiming child benefit for them. 2) If what you pay is at least the same as the amount of Child Benefit you get for you child. 3) If you pay towards the upkeep of your child

If a child or young person for whom Child Benefit was being paid dies, you will carry on getting Child Benefit for eight weeks after the week in which they die. You might stop getting Child Benefit before eight weeks if the young person would have reached the age of 20 before the end of eight weeks.

If a child dies before the end of the week in which they were born, you can make a Child Benefit claim for the eight weeks after the week when the child dies.

If you or your child do not always live in the UK, or you have a child who is in local authority care or in prison, or your child dies, and you want to claim Child Benefit, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at a Citizens Advice Bureau