Friday, 25 May 2018

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Child Benefit Claim. How to...

The only way to make a Child Benefit claim is to fill in a Child Benefit application form and send it to the Child Benefit Office along with your child's birth or adoption certificate. You can't claim over the phone or the Internet

To get hold of a claim form you can: 1) Print out the Child Benefit online form from the relevant web page and complete by hand. 2) Fill in the online Child Benefit online and print out after completing. 3) Take 1 from the pack give to new mothers in hospitals.

It is possible to backdate Child Benefit for up three months prior to the date when you made your claim. You should claim Child benefit as soon as: 1) your child is born 2) a child your responsible for comes to live with you 3) you adopt a child who is living with you 4) you start paying towards the cost of looking after your child unless they live with someone else who’s getting Child Benefit.